Johnathon Burlington was the adopted son of Laverna Burlington and Craven Burlington I. His birth mother is Ella Bloor.

Johnathon Burlington


Johnathon Burlington




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Early Life Edit

Johnathon Burlington sought out his birth mother and discovered her to be Ella Bloor. When Ella was 20 she ran away to India and backpacked around. She fell in love with a man and became pregnant. She was always told she couldn't have children and took fertility drugs in order to have children. She ended up having septuplets and when she came back to Canada she gave birth to seven healthy children. Unfortunately she was unable to care for the children and they were all taken away by social services.

Adoption Edit

Johnathon was just 2 when he was adopted by Laverna Burlington. She was 60 at the time. Johnathon was very close with Laverna but not with Craven. His relationship with his siblings was also somewhat distant as they were full grown adults. Johnathon was raised alongside his nieces and nephews.

Although he met his birth mother, the two did not keep in contact.

Peronsal Life Edit

Laverna passed away while Johnathon was in university. During that time he met his wife, Gretchen Stompol, and the two married. They went on to graduate school and lived a quiet life in Madoc. Johnathon was an English Professor and Gretchen was a doctor. The two retired in their late 60s and lived well into their 80s. Johnathon and Gretchen never had children.

Articles in the Society PagesEdit

Johnathon Burlington has never been mentioned in the Society Pages. It is possible tha the was still living around the launch of the online publication.