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Tristan Henessey is the son of Jeremy and Veronica Hennessey.

Personal LifeEdit

Tristan Hennessey is the twin brother of Cotton Hennessey. The two grew up in Madoc with their other siblings. Growing up he was unhappy and was afraid to reveal his sexuality to his family. When Tristan was in university he came out as gay and everyone accepted him. He was no longer depressed and met his fiancé, Kevynn Washingham, the two moved in together in Tristan's childhood home in Madoc.

Unfortunately, the engagement did not last long and Kevynn was killed in a terrible accident. Tristan became a recluse and refused to leave the house. His older brother, Devon, and his wife sent their youngest children, Rock and Minden Hennessey to live with them in Madoc as they could not afford to take care of the kids. Things only
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Tristan and Zachary Bronson.

got worse when his grandfather, Septimus Hennessey died of old age. Tristan and his father were away from the house working and had no idea the old man passed away. The children were taken by social services and Tristan's brother stopped speaking to the family. Not long after, his mother, Veronica and youngest sister, Karrie-Lynn Hennessey, both died of a mysterious illness.

Jeremy and Tristan sold the family's home that Septimus built and moved out to Hastings to live with Charles Bronson after Charles' wife left him. By then Jeremy was very old and sick and soon died after moving to Hastings. Tristan was reportedly very unhappy and was also in love with Charles, who did not love him back. He has no children.


A few months after his father died, Tristan commited suicide. While Charles and his children were sleeping, Tristan went outside and drowned himself in the bay behind the house. The body was discovered by neighbours and was ruled a suicide.

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